Moving Out: The Ultimate Guide for people living in London

Moving Out: The Ultimate Guide

When the move out time has knocked on your door

You’ve just found your perfect home or at least a place to call that for a vague amount of time. No matter if you’re going rental again or are already one of the London’s landlords there’s still a lot to do before hang your hat for good.

You can start planning even two months in advance, especially if you feel somehow related with Monica from one of the best-known sitcoms of all times or just leave it all to chance and act like a student during finals who somehow has to catch up with the whole material in the very nick of time.

Well, no matter what – we got you covered. But we most definitely strongly advise you to start the moving out procedure (yes, it's truly a full procedure) as soon as possible – well months are a bit too over the top but have in mind that it’s best to start at least 4 weeks in advance. In the next paragraphs we’ve covered all the things you must do before leaving your old place and start off with a clean slate. We’re a sizable team with lots of employees and you can bet that we know a thing or two about moving out. We’re glad to offer you some first-hand experience and we’re pretty sure that our list will come in handy.

As we’ve already mentioned 4 weeks is the golden ratio when it comes to moving out so we’re going to get you through everything by scheduled it week by week. Let’s end the babble along with the straggle.

We don’t just randomly drag the character of Monica into this – do you remember her obsession with checklist, well let’s check things off.

The Checklist

4 weeks before the moving date:

  • Give a notice
    if you're renting you'll need to let your landlord know the exact date you're moving out. You don’t want to pay an extra rent, don’t you? So pick the date precisely and try to coincide it with the end of your tenancy to avoid the hassle.

  • Compare some offers
    Think twice before hiring a moving company. First consider to simply hire a van and ask some friend to give you a hand. It will be fun memory we promise. If you prefer the things to be done by professionals compare some offers first. Look for recommendations from first hand but check at trustpilot trustpilot as well. You can require a written quotes from several removal firms before take a final decision. Keep your eyes open for the limits of their insurance and by what terms they go.

  • Contact your utility suppliers
    And by that we mean ALL of them. Electricity, gas, water, phone and broadband suppliers they all must know that you’re leaving. You don’t want to be charged extra fees and we’re more than sure that you don’t want to lose your online communication as well.
    So now is just the right time to arrange the moving of your broadband to your new property. Have in mind that this service may take up to several weeks so don’t procrastinate.
    Before you leave pay all the bills and don’t forget to take care of your council taxes as well. When you've said Goodbye to your previously good credit score the shooting time is on. Take pictures of the final meter reading in your property. They will be needed not only by your suppliers but will also serve as proof that everything is set and done in front of your landlord.

  • Don’t lose your communication in this moving situation
    Get your mail re-directed to your new address by using the services of the Royal Mail. Don’t get lost in the GDPR terminology. The scenario in which someone stoles your identity mainly happens in movies but still you don’t want your important paperwork to fall into the wrong hands or not to be delivered on time. Long story short - pay the small fee for the service and move along.
    Have in mind that you can set up your redirect in advance of your moving day for as long as you wish, does 6 months sound sufficient?! – don’t worry it requires only 5 work days to end the procedure. And you can do it online on the Royal Mail website.
    Since we’re online, don’t forget to change the address, which you use to contact with all the online retailers (such as Amazon, eBay, Wish etc.). You don’t want your long-awaited package to be delivered at the wrong place, don’t you?!
    If you are subscribed to any magazines or newspapers, change the address or cancel your subscription before you've flew out.

  • Get rid of the old to make place for the new
    This advice is valid for variety of life changing decisions but it’s especially relevant when it comes to moving out. Now it’s the time to get rid of all the old furniture, broken technique, unfitting clothes and all the once sentimental unnecessary junk that you’ve keep by some unknown reasons. Consider to give away something to your friends (if they need it and like it, of course), do some charity or even arrange a garage sale (this can be fun too), and please recycle.
    We guarantee that you’ll feel so much better once you’re done – not only because you’ve check this off but because you’ll certainly feel relieved and will be left only with things you cherish.
    Now it's the time rethink the scenario in which your friend take care of your big move out since you’ve probably cut in half your luggage by now.

  • Brand as new
    If your new home needs new furniture as well, book it now and make sure that it will arrive before you get there.

  • Pro tips:
    Make yourself absolutely sure that you've stored all your valuables and personal documents in a safe place and don’t forget where this place is. It’s so easy to lose them among all the small things or under the big ones as well so it’s best to keep them in person all the time.
    In case of children:
    Think about your offspring and go to your children’s school. If you need to transfer them to another education facility, you don’t want any paperwork to bother you and delay the process.

  • 2 weeks before The Moving Out

    When only 2 weeks have left:

    • Box it up
      The time to start packing non-essential items such as books and non-seasonal clothes has come so the boxes are totally in and the comfort slowly starts to fade out.
      Don’t forget to put a label on everything and by that we mean each and every box. It will save you lots of trouble later plus you can be creative and draw instead of write or put some funny stickers or maybe even glue some brocade – it’s up to your imagination. Have in mind that you’ll pass through this boxes for at least 2 weeks straight so why don’t you make them special?!

    • Call the doc
      Contact all of them – your GP, your dentist, your optician, especially if you’re moving outside the area.

    • Work it up
      If you still haven't brag about moving into new place at work, it’s about time to do so. Contact your HR and ask for a day off. You’ll need it. If you’re lucky the day of your movement will be Friday and you’ll at least have the weekend to relax after all the hassle.

    • Take good care of your loved ones
      If you have children or pets, now’s the time to arrange someone to look after them, while you’re in the middle of the moving out chaos. Unless you have eyes on your back and some extra limbs it would be impossible to take care of them during your busy moving out day.

    • Don’t forget to call
      This time it’s not only your mum you should get in touch with. Contact all your relatives and close friends and send them your new address via e-mail. At least they will know where to send their Christmas cards when the time comes.

    • Time to meet the Keymaker
      Well, we won’t be heading straight to a black phone booth because it’s time to focus on keys not on strange exits within the Matrix....
      ... so contact your estate agent and set the time to collect the keys for your new home. Since you’re still on phone, call your landlord as well. What you take you give so arrange a meeting - there’s a pair of keys you should give back.

    • When it comes to money
      Contact your bank or banks. You need to make some changes. Now is the time to check off the conversations with your insurances, pension and credit card companies as well. Sounds like a lot of paperwork, well at least you'll have the chance to practice your signature... A man never knows - your autograph may cost a fortune one day...
      But for now is enoug to have in mind that it's possible your new accommodation can help with improving your credit rating.

    • Don’t forget the government...because it won't forget about you
      Tell HMRC when exactly you're about to change your accommodation and make sure that you’re registered for the electoral register at your new address.

    • Contact the DVLA ASAP
      You need to update the address on your driving licence, your car ownership certificate, and your car insurance. It doesn't cost anything to change the address on your driving licence, but you can be fined up to £1,000 if you fail to tell the DVLA that you've changed your address, even if it’s only temporary.
      Make sure that you’ve notified your car insurance company that you’ve moved as well, otherwise it could refuse to pay if you claim.
      If you are moving to a residents only parking area, you should apply for a parking permit, in case you need a parking space, of course.

    • 7 days before The Moving Out

      Only 7 days left

      • Turn back what don't belong here
        If you don’t want to find yourself in the middle of the seven days, mentioned in “The Ring” scenario, turn back your rented DVD’s immediately.

      • Take out all your suitcases
        Unfortunately, you’re not packing for vacation but you still have to do it. So pack your clothes and leave only the things you’re going to wear in the next few days. Now is the perfect time to put yourself in capsule wardrobe mode.

      • Ice Ice Baby
        Maintain your freezer. Don’t forget to clean, empty, and most importantly - defrost it. If you’re taking it with you, it’s best to do it at least 24 hours before the actual move.

      • Only the essentials
        For your first night in your new place you’ll be definitely needing some vital things as your toothbrush, for example, so pack them separately and keep an eye on them while moving. After all, nobody wants to sleep in a pair of jeans so store your beauty products, a few pairs of underwear, a towel, PJs, loo and kitchen rolls, phone and laptop chargers and a mug (everybody needs a cup of warm tee after a day like this plus you can always poor wine in it instead)some snacks can come in handy as well.

      • Clean it up
        We strongly hope that you’ve already booked a professional cleaning company. You’ll need it if you truly want your whole deposit back. You can try to handle the things on your own but we gently remind you that you can always count on us, especially if you want the job perfectly done.

      • The Move Out Day

        The Move Out Day

          Finally, we’re done. You seem to be all set – you’ve done all the paperwork, found the perfect moving company, organized and packed everything up, donated what you don’t need, and maybe even daydreamed about your house-warming party. Well, we hate to break it to you, but there’s still a few things left to do before you walk out the door and turn around.

        • The early bird gets the worm
          Rise and shine, sunshine it may be the break of the dawn but it's about time to break up with bed as well. Even if you’ve packed everything and you’ve scheduled the movers for afternoon it’s still substantial to wake up early in order to avoid unnecessary stress and to have the time to double-check before it’s too late.

        • Pack any last-minute items
          The toothbrush, the fancy soap, the day cream – whatever your morning routine requires is still in the bathroom so don’t forget to pack this up. Then go straight to the kitchen and after your last cup of warm tee or strong coffee (which we find preferable under the circumstances) take a look at the fridge and get rid of all the perishables. Take the cup with you, especially if it’s one of yours.
          Don’t leave your phone to die by assuring that you’ve packed its charger altogether with all the other essential electronics.

        • Jump around
          It’s essential to go through your place one more time before leave it all behind. Check the drawers, cabinets, closets and look under the bed and the sofa – you might find the earing you've lost an eternity ago, your fancy lighter, the once favorite hairclip or that long ago missing scrabble letter, for example. If you’ve had extra storage places don't forget to check the basement, attic and the driveway as well.

        • Time to meet the final boss
          Now let’s leave the PSP aside and prepare to conduct the property inspection with your landlord. Before the meeting make sure that everything’s not only bright and clean but looks like it was when your foot first step in here. We’re hoping that you’ve managed to snap some photos of the property before you’ve moved in. There’s no better time than now to play on Spot the difference.
          Have in mind that this is your only chance to get your full deposit back, so we strongly advise you to leave the cleaning to professionals.

        • Be nice and don’t bail out
          Once your movers arrive greet them with smile. You can even offer them a cup of coffee and some sweets, after all this are the people, which will take care of all of yours precious belongings so just be nice.
          Have in mind, that if you stick with them you’ll know the exact place of every box, package and coffer (even the ones you’ve probably forget to properly label). You’ll thanks us later when the unpacking begins.
          Stick with the team and moderate the move. If they have any questions it’s good for you to be around, especially if you have some specific requirements for your vintage mirror or your beloved bowling ball.

        • Final sweep
          Once everything is loaded up, look around the place, which you used to call, home for one last time. Shed a tear and assure that you haven’t left anything behind – including garbage or dirtiness (our team could manage this one for you).
          Now take a deep breath, lock the door, look back for one last time and head to your new home and the bright future in front of you.

        • Welcome home
          You’re finally on the doorstep of your new home. Tip the movers and look around the empty walls. Open the windows and let the fresh air in. Unpack only the essentials – the toothbrush, a towel, your pink unicorn PJs or the one with Superman (we won’t judge) and maybe, just maybe, consider to put your curtains up in order to take some good night sleep and stay in bed till noon. You’ve deserved it.

        • Welcome home

        • Pro tip:
          Once you've moved in, remember that cleaning comes first. The best time to get dirty is before the unpacking takes place. Take it one at a time. Don’t randomly open everything. Start the process smoothly room by room starting with the kitchen or bedroom – it’s all up to you.
          It’s your own place after all so if you prefer boxes all around, so be it, man. To be a truly fully functional adult can sometimes be unbearable and we know it.

        • That’s it. Congratulations for your new home and all of the memories that it will soon house. Hope it becomes a very special place where all your dreams grow.

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