13th of August and its Bubbly Italian Nature

Londoners Prosecco Guide

Why you need a long tall flute on 13th of August?

Spumante, Frizzante, Tranquillo, Brut, Extra Dry or Dry – today it’s all about Prosecco, so bubble up and let’s head up straight to the best places where you can taste this delicious Italian wine, right here in London.

Even though today is the second day of the Afternoon Tea Week, we’ve gathered up to offer you something a bit more exciting and quite bubbly. We will take any excuse to enjoy some grape juice in its fizzy variation and The National Prosecco Day is just the perfect occasion. We hope that you’ve already had your cup of refreshing Espresso, because it’s time for a glass of fine Prosecco.

Prosecco Guide for People Living in London

The divine taste of Prosecco has been well known in the UK’s capital for quite a long time, so to choose the places in our list wasn’t even close to an easy task but it was a really good excuse to make our sparkly dreams full of bubbles come true. Plus, since we’re finally prepared, we can give you pro tips on where to go for a fine glass of refreshing fizzy wine.

Prosecco Guide for People Living in London

  • Our first stop may be quite obvious but after all, there's a reason to have a place called Prosecco House right in the heart of London. Welcome to London's first-ever bar dedicated to the Italian sparkling wine, where you can easily find over 30 premium different fizzy varieties.
    And if you want to know how a true Prosecco cocktail should taste like, you’ve come to the right place. At The Prosecco Bar you can fill your flute glass with a variety of bellinis, spritzes, and mimosa and garnish them with Italian meats, cheeses and small plates in a sophisticated environment.
    The Prosecco Heaven (we’ve borrowed this right from TripAdvisor) offers 20 Proseccos, sourced by owner Kristina Issa from family-run estates in the Veneto, including five that are exclusive to Prosecco House – Marchiori, Rivalta, Cirotto, Tasi Bio and Andreola.
    In conclusion, this isn't just a Prosecco bar in London, this is The Prosecco Bar.

  • When it comes to wine, we couldn’t miss the central London institution, known as the oldest wine bar in the capital - Gordon’s Wine Bar.
    This 129-year-old drinking spot boasts a huge selection of wines, including champagnes, cava, and Prosecco, of course.
    But let’s be honest, anyone who has set his foot in Gordon’s Wine Bar even once, was surely stunned by its magnificent interior. We can hardly imagine a place so romantic and dreamy, hidden in the buzzing, busy London.
    The bar's menu contains over 20 different kinds of cheese platters and offers a variety of salads, snacks, tapas and roasts, which will truly complement the fruit flavour of just about any Prosecco glass.
    And let’s not forget about The Garden - the covered outdoor seating in the alleyway next to Victoria Embankment Gardens is just the perfect spot during the hot summer months.

    Step Inside Gordon’s Wine Bar

  • Albertine is a cute little wine bar out in Shepherds Bush and a beloved drinking spot to many.
    Its downstairs bar is known as a longstanding local landmark, where you can admire the view with a glass of top quality wine in hand alongside a selection of cheese or charcuterie.
    While upstairs, you will find a cosy dining restaurant with a refined French menu.
    You can also buy a bottle of wine from the pretty good selection, offered in the wine shop.

  • The philosophy behind Trufflesecco is to celebrate everyday life in style with a glass of bubbles and a bite of truffles - this brief introduction, coming straight from this Camden’s bar and restaurant, gave us all the right reasons to pay it a visit, and we were instantly charmed.
    This paean to Prosecco and the flavours of Florence spot in north London will greet you with its rather intriguing atmosphere, which combines industrial and rustic style, finished with open brickwork, green shutters, comfortable wooden chairs and metal wine racks.
    The bubbles here are served alongside gourmet Italian meat and cheese dishes, and delicious pasta.
    Here you can taste Proseccos, from the likes of Ca’ di Rajo, Col di Rocca and Sorelle Bronca, which can be truly refreshing accompaniments to the delightful Trufflesecco’s menu.
    Black truffle risotto, white truffle pasta, truffle burrata, and artichokes with truffle cream are just a few of the refined dishes, which you can try in here.

    Celebrate the Day with a Glass of Bubbles and a Bite of Truffles

  • Our next stop is the Venetian-Italian restaurant and bar in Victoria, called simply – Tozi.
    The cosy restaurant shines a light on Venetian small plates, known locally as Cicchetti, which are served alongside an all-Italian wine list that includes lashings of Prosecco.
    When it comes to serving, there are lots of dishes to choose from. The rich menu features mouth-watering dishes like smoked burrata Bruschetta with squash, basil and caponata, fresh goat cheese, dried tomatoes or smoked duck carpaccio, pomegranate and pecorino.
    Mozzarella and sprouting broccoli pizzetta and zucchini fritti are also a delicious part of the menu.
    Garnish any of this with a classic Italian cocktail like the Bellini or Aperol Spritz and your tasteful, perfect meal is guaranteed.
    At the bar, you can choose bottles from revered producer Ruggeri and cloudy Prosecco from Carolina Gatti, which gets its misty appearance from the lees being left in the bottle or enjoy an adventurous Fizzy Garden cocktail, for example.

There’s much more to Prosecco than affordable bubbles

Prosecco wines are Italy’s most popular sparklers. While it’s often compared to Champagne, the only similarity is the fizziness. Prosecco wine is made with a different set of grapes and a different winemaking method (known as the tank method, which means that the wine will have a much more freshly made taste with stronger yeast-dominant aromas), and don’t make us start with its contrasting flavor.

If you’re about to experience its superb taste for the first time, learn the basics first. Let’s start with our first three categories, which accord to the sweetness of the wine.

Get to know Italy’s most popular sparklers

  • Brut 0–12 g/L RS (residual sugar) – Contains up to half a gram of sugar per glass
  • Extra Dry 12–17 g/L RS – Has just over a half gram of sugar per glass
  • Dry 17–32 g/L RS – Is mixed with up to 1 gram of sugar per glass

Now let’s take a close look at the fizziness of the wine.

  • Spumante means simply sparkling wine
  • If you choose Frizzante, you’ll get semi-sparkling wine
  • While Tranquillo is still wine

In case you wonder - a standard pour of Prosecco has ~121 Calories or 11% ABV.

If you’ve already chosen your preferences, it’s time to serve this brilliant Italian wine the right way.

Prosecco should be served cold (38–45 °F / 3–7 °C is the temperature, you should aim for) and in a tall and slender sparkling tulip glass, which helps to preserve the bubbles’ finesse for a longer period of time, while the larger bulb at the top will allow you to collect more of the wine’s floral aromas. The primary flavors of a fine Prosecco are Green Apple, Honeydew Melon, Pear, Lager, and Cream.

Prosecco is surprisingly versatile and can be served with a wide range of cuisine genres and dishes. It is the perfect aperitif but goes quite well alongside the main entrée. Because of its sweet aromatics and bubbles, Prosecco matches well with just about anything spicy.
Pro-Tip: Use this wine as a palate cleanser alongside medium-intensity foods (like chicken, tofu, shrimp, or pork dishes).

Learn how to Serve Prosecco Right

Prosecco is actually a sort of grape. However, most recently the name of the sort was changed to Glera to help further in protecting the Prosecco region in Italy.
Glera, however, isn’t the only grape allowed in this distinctive wine. It’s possible to blend up to 15% of the other indigenous sorts that grow in the region. These include names like Bianchetta, Verdiso, and Perera, which are quite rare.

And since we’ve mentioned regions, it’s good to notice one more difference between the varieties of those specific wine bottles.
The best Prosecco wines come from the hilly sub-region of Valdobbiadene, situated in Northeastern Italy. For around 300 years Prosecco has been made in the stunningly beautiful set of green hills covered with vineyards, known as Conegliano-Valdobbiadene.

DOCG offers the best mark of Proseccos quality, here’s what the labels on the bottles actually mean.

  • DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita)DOCG wines have the highest denomination in Italy, because they have to conform the strictest standards.
  • DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata)DOC wines also have to comply with certain standards but they are less strict than those for DOCG wines. That’s why DOC wines are much more commonly found, especially abroad.
  • ITG (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) is the third quality category. ITG wines may not meet all of the standards of a DOC wine but are nevertheless considered to be very good quality.

Pro-Tip: There’s a cycling race called The Gran Fondo Prosecco which weaves up through the hills. Anyone can participate and celebrate the win with the region’s fine wine.

Wine from The Hills of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene

Drink it up with style

Most commonly, Prosecco is served unmixed, but it also appears in several mixed drinks.
It was the original main ingredient in the Bellini cocktail and in the Spritz cocktail, and a significant part of The Perfect Mimosa, which should contain the exact amount of 2 parts sparkling wine to 1 part juice. The Proseccos's fruit aftertaste of amplifies the citrus flavors of the orange juice and it pairs extremely well with brunchy-style foods.

If you mix it with vodka and lemon sorbet, Prosecco is also an ingredient of the Italian mixed drink Sgroppino, which originated in Venice.
In case you want to try something extraordinary, make a Sangria but use Prosecco instead of white or red wine. Just be sure to add a significant amount of citrus flavours in it and garnish it with fresh mint.

The Bellini cocktail originated in Venice, as well and is made with Prosecco and white peach purée or nectar. The authentic recipe includes a bit of raspberry or cherry juice, as well which tends to give the drink the significant pink glow. Its comes from its unique pink colour, which reminded to his inventor - Giuseppe Cipriani - of the toga of a saint in a painting by 15th-century Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini.

The Spritz Veneziano, also called just Spritz, is most commonly served as an aperitif in Northeast Italy. The drink is prepared with Prosecco wine, bitter liqueur such as Aperol, Campari, Cynar, or, especially in Venice, Aperitivo Select. The glass has to be topped off with a dash of sparkling mineral water and served over ice in a lowball glass, garnished with a slice of orange.

The Authentic Taste of the Real Bellini Cocktail

Pop the Cork

If you’re looking for a bottomless bubbles options, well garnished with a tasty meal, we’ve got you covered with our picks for 5 more places, you should visit but this time especially for a sparkling London’s brunch.

  1. The Bokan 37 Restaurant will offer you a 3-course Brunch & Free-Flowing Prosecco, altogether with an astounding views across London from its 37th-floor setting. And when it comes to the menu, it’s enough to say that the award-winning European cuisine here is made by using only the finest British products.

  2. If you’re looking for something less sophisticated then head up straight to the 3 courses & free-flowing Prosecco brunch at Sticky Fingers. Since 1989 this thematic restaurant has been serving up American classics alongside a magnificent collection of Bill Wyman’s Rolling Stones iconography.
  3. Enjoy 3 courses & free-flowing Prosecco Brunch, while looking at the magnificent views of Big Ben, the houses of parliament and the London Eye at R.S. Hispaniola. The iconic river restaurant has been a must-go-to place at London's dining landmark for over 30 years, serving French and British cuisine in its relaxing and cosy atmosphere.

  4. The Afternoon tea with free-flowing Prosecco at Boozy Tea Room is often described as a one-of-a-kind experience. If tea-infused cocktails and sharing platters is your idea of brunch, head up straight at Leicester Square and don’t miss the chance to try Channing Tatum’s own vodka.

  5. Enjoy the white wine with a good meal

  6. Pucci Mayfair offers you free-flowing G&T, Prosecco and a pizza. The bright and inviting décor of this Mediterranean-inspired restaurant combines the cool exposed bricks, considered light fittings, and suspended greenery of a New York loft, with the charm of a traditional Italian bistro. Pucci Mayfair is also the huge revival of one of the most iconic and celebrated restaurants in London’s dining history – Pucci Pizza.

We hope that you’ve found this article helpful enough but the thing which we’re doing best is making any place flawlessly bright and spotlessly clean. In case you need a Royal Professional Cleaning indeed, don’t hesitate to contact us and don’t hesitate to Get your quote today.
All it's left now is to enjoy your Glass of Prosecco and Leave the Royal Cleaning to us.

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