Where should we find the drunken sailor?

Ship out & Sail on Barbados Waters

Ship out & Sail on Barbados Waters

Yo, Ho, Ho and a bottle of Rum! - to all of you, who are about to commemorate The National Rum Day today. As you already know, we never miss a chance to head up for an after-work drink (which is among the reasons why we make such a great team, who always manages to achieve flawlessly perfect results), especially if we discover must-go-to places in the process. On top of that our excuse for this week were all of you, who need a Guide on The Best Rum Bars in London.

But first let us start with some startling facts about The Pirate’s Drink.

Astonishing Rum Facts, which will WOW you

There’s quite a lot that we can tell you about this spirit and where to spirit off to savour the best of it. Plus, we’ve gathered a hell of a soundtrack for you to listen to - just before heading outside in this hot Friday night (and NO, we would definitely not involve Katy Perry in the mix) so keep on sailing near the wind and wind up in the dark/nocturne.

Before you go – don’t worry if you can’t make it tonight, you’ll have a good excuse to have a few shots of rum for days, since the whole of August is the official Month of Rum.

  • There’s nought no doubt so much the spirit calms as rum and true religion. -poetic isn’t it? These are the exact words that Lord Byron used to describe this particular spirit.

  • Rum is basically made directly from sugarcane juice. Still, the average shot of rum has only 70 calories. Even better, it contains no fat, cholesterol or sodium, and it’s gluten-free. So drink this shot up – you won’t ruin your diet.

  • Rum is a Liqueur, not just a Liquor.

  • Although many rums take a fair amount of beauty sleep in oak barrels, not all of them are aged.

  • More than 80% of the world's rum production originates from Puerto Rico but this alcoholic drink is also produced in almost all of the world’s continents and in the United Kingdom as well. Actually, there’s even a rum distillery right in the heart of London.

  • El Paraíso de Puerto Rico

  • Rum is known as the spirit that the most likely protagonists - Royal Navy and pirates drank in the Caribbean. So probably the hidden message here is that a sweet taste in your mouth left by a single shot of rum can put you and your enemy in the same boat without any dead bodies afterwards.

  • Rum used to serve as a currency and was used not only for economic exchange but as a fund enterprise for quite shady deeds such as slavery, organized crime, and military insurgencies (like the American Revolution and Australia's Rum Rebellion - to name a few)
    Actually, eighteenth-century sailors were often paid in rum. To test the rum's authenticity, they allegedly mixed it with gunpowder — successful ignition indicated that they were not putted-upon.

  • If you want to feel sophisticated and classy by ordering something truly vintage and steep in history, then rum is your answer. Rum was manufactured, distilled, and made long before any other spirit or in other words – yes this literally means that Rum is the world’s first spirit.
    The precursors to rum can be traced back to ancient India and China. Rum was the first branded spirit ever made, its first distillation took place in the 1620s in the Caribbean.
    On top of that, rum was also the first spirit to be produced for entertainment purposes, as opposed to medical.

  • Talking about a shot of history - Mount Gay Distillery, located in Barbados, prides itself on being the oldest existing rum company in the world dating back to 1703.

  • The oldest Rum Distillery dates back to 1703

  • The Early colonists tended to consume twelve million gallons of rum annually.

  • The sailors of the Royal Navy were obligated to drink rum every day. The required ration was often referred to as a tot o’ rum. The reason behind this bizarre practice is that the mix between the spirit and lime juice was used to fight off the scurvy among the sailors in the British Army.

  • Sir Francis Drake - the man who led the Royal Navy to defeat the Spanish Armand, is the inventor of the beloved Mojito. The lime in it helped him and his crew to survive scurvy.

  • There’s indeed something heavenly in the shot of fine rum and we’re not the only ones who think so. The portion of rum that is lost to distillation over time is called the Angel's Share, because it is delivered directly to the angels above.

  • The Cathedral of Rum is the name by which goes the world's largest rum distillery goes by. It is situated in San Juan, Puerto Rico and is owned by Bacardi Spirits Company. This distillery alone produces over 100,000 litres of rum every 24 hours.

  • The Cathedral of Rum in Puerto Rico

  • The most expensive rum in the world, thought, is owned by Jamaica's Wray & Nephew Company – it may lack a specific name but makes up for it in price. There are only four remaining bottles of this prestigious spirit, produced back in the 1940s, which are going for $40,000 (more than 33,000 pounds) a pop.

  • If you want to make a perfect traditional Cuban Mojito, simply use white rum. Literally any kind of white rum mixed with lime and sugar cane juice, soda water, and fresh mint will do. Yes, you can simply use sugar instead, but if you go for the Original Recipe, you’ll have to sweat a little.

  • We’re really sorry to ruin this for you but the real-life pirates didn’t drink only rum.
    While this particular spirit was considered the drink of choice for pirates during the 1660s to 1730s when piracy flourished in the Caribbean, those criminal sailors didn’t just drink rum.
    Famous pirates like real life Captain Morgan and Edward Teach aka Blackbeard used to drink all types of alcohol and spirits like brandy, port, and Spanish wine. Most of the rum consumed during the 17th-century was drunk by people who lived in the Caribbean, not the pirates.

  • If you are a fan of the popular TV Show - It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia then you probably remember the episode which involved The Rum Ham.

Well, actually you can find the original recipe on the Internet and here’s the list of the things you will need to prepare one on your own:
  • 1 x 10-pound canned ham
  • 3 x 1-liter bottles of rum
  • 1 bunch of Italian parsley
  • 1 handgun
  • 1 hunting knife
  • 1 box handgun ammo

Rum goes by far too many names

There are a bunch of names you can use for this spirit instead of the plain word rum. Here are just a few of them:

  • Barbados water
  • Rumbullion
  • Grog
  • Pirates Drink
  • Rum Bastion
  • Navy neaters
  • Splice the main brace
  • Demon Water
  • Aguardiente, which translates to fire water in Spanish
  • Kill-devil - this name originated because of the harshness of the old, unrefined rum. It was so strong that people used to believe it would literally kill the devil inside of you.
  • Nelson’s blood – The British legend behind this one is quite creepy, if you ask us. It claims that Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson's dead body was preserved in a cask of rum before being shipped back to England. When the extravagant coffin arrived, it was discovered that a hole had been drilled into the bottom of the cask, so that all of the sailors could drink take a sip of the Rum before they reach the shore - a strange form of honouring someone if you ask us.

The Legend behind ''Nelson's Blood''

Drink it up with Style

There are dozens of Rum variations out there, that’s why we gathered a list with The 5 Best Selling Rum Brands in the World to choose from:

  • Bacardi
  • Tanduary
  • McDowell’s No.1 Celebration
  • Captain Morgan
  • Havana Club

And since today it’s all about Rum, it’s only fair to know the difference between the rainbow of this Liqueur’s flavors.

  • White Rum: As per its name is clear, lighter bodied. Aged very briefly and filtered.
  • Gold Rum: Has to age in oak barrels and is especially good for cocktails as they’re not yet extremely complex.
  • Dark Rum: Aged for longer periods of time - it has darker, fuller flavor profile and is quite good for sipping solo.
  • Demerera Rum: While many rums are made from sugar cane grown in Brazil, Demerera is made from cane grown especially in Guyana and it’s distilled by using old stills. Demenera is long aged rum with rich, dark flavor profile.
  • Spiced Rum: is basically distilled rum that’s been flavored with spices, usually upping the impression of spice often gotten from barrel-aging.
  • Rhum Agricole: is made with sugar cane juice instead of molasses. It can go by a variety of colors - white, gold, dark, etc., with flavors that incorporate vegetal notes into the complex rum backdrop.
  • Naval/Overproof: This one Refers to any rum that’s higher alcohol - 50 to 60% and above.

Drink it up with Style

It’s time to head up straight to The best rum bars in London

While we don’t recommend filling your tum with a bottle of rum, a shot or two won’t kill you. Plus, you can always mix things up and have a few rum-based cocktails instead. Rum is a drink that has withstood the test of time, and the UK’s capital ia packed with this stuff - Mai Tais, Mojitos and everything in between – the places we've listed below serve the best of those in the whole of London.

  • Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records
    This bar is indeed owned by the fastest man on the planet and it boasts a jaw-dropping collection of over 150 rums behind the bar, At this divine drinking spot you will as well find stunning tropical creations and Jamaican dishes.

  • Buster Mantis
    Buster Mantis style is fully inspired by its owner’s childhood, spent in Jamaica. If you want to try something beyond rum classics, which are perfectly made in here, Mama’s Homemade Punch is definitely a must-try. If you’re feeling hungry, jerk barbecue drum is probably the tastiest option on the menu.

  • Trailer Happiness
    The Polynesian partying at the Tiki styled Trailer Happiness might be a little bit kitsch, but the rum line-up is one of the best in town. And when it comes to cocktails, we’re talking about tremendous stuff like first-rate Piña Colada served inside a pineapple.

  • Have a Rum Cocktail served in a pineapple

  • Burlock, Marylebone
    This Cuban-themed basement den, inspired by 1920’s Havana, is a great spot in which to drift away on an island vibe. Light, dark, spiced and even pirate-friendly overproof - there are seas of rum in here. Over 200 different bottles await you behind the counter. The Havana style barbershop in the corner, where you can sip your rum from a retro dryer chair, is our personal favourite.

  • Rum Kitchen
    As the name suggests, Rum Kitchen is all about the rum and has bottles of the stuff from all over the Carribean. You can choose between branch’s venues in Notting Hill, Brixton and Soho. Despite being full-blown Caribbean restaurants, these are also top places to enjoy a succinct selection of rums. The drinks at the menu can be typically found in Caribbean beach shacks, and are constantly updated. Have in mind that you will certainly need a good portion of their divine food to soak up the tremendous Rattle Skull Punch.

  • Cottons Restaurant & Rhum Shack
    The Notting Hill branch of Cottons holds a Guinness World Record for offering the biggest selection of rum in the world, with precisely 372 varieties to work your way through. On top of that, Cottons Rhum Shack is claimed to serve up some of the most spectacular cocktails in the capital. Think about coconut and banana daiquiris, piña colada and a reggae rum punch, which, according to the menu, will have you singing like Bob Marley – you name it, and they’ll mix it.

  • Yet Another Venue for Rum lovers

  • Trader Vic's
    A hidden beach paradise awaits you underneath the Park Lane Hilton Hotel. The London branch of Trader Vic’s replicates the original one in California, which borrowed all kinds of style directly from Hawaii. Victor J. Bergeron, otherwise known as Trader Vic, claims to be the inventor of the much-loved Mai Tai cocktail, which was created in this very place back in 1944 — so logically this is the drink of choice here.

  • Mahiki
    If you’ve wandered down the pages of just about any tabloid, the chances are that you’ve heard the name Mahiki at least once. The fading celebrity style of this Mayfair bar may not be for everyone, but still, this bar is counting many celebs and younger members of the royal family among its regular clientele. The Tiki-themed bar will welcome you with its vibrant party atmosphere and a surprisingly good selection of rum-based cocktails.

  • Rum & Sugar
    This Docklands bar and restaurant stocks over 200 different types of rum and know-how to whip up just about any cocktail you could imagine with them, including a Hemingway Daiquiri. But it’s the story behind the venue, what captured our attention. The converted warehouse was originally used for storing rum that came off ships in London’s docks, so the atmosphere here is quite astonishing. On top of that, the bar also runs Rum School classes and cocktail masterclasses, so the service here is above our expectations.

Happy National Rum Day Cocktail

Now when you know everything you need about Rum to properly commemorate its special day in the year, don’t forget that whenever you need thorough professional cleaning services, we are the ones you should turn to. You won’t have to spend like a sailor on shore to get the job flawlessly done. Our 200% guarantee has got you covered and we won’t leave until your place is bright and clean as the Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas.

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