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Residedences Around the Wandsworth Area

Location of the District

As the location of Greater London, the Southeastern part is the most populated area in England. If you travel West from the capital city, along the river Thames, you’ll end up at the borough of Wandsworth. The land lies South from Fulham, between Richmond and Lambeth. In order to get to know Wandsworth better, go through the paragraphs that describe the various traits of the district.

Historical Data

The area is named after the river Wandle, which divides the borough into an Eastern and a Western half. During the Middle Ages, Wandsworth was known for the royal mansions and the inns. The farms and the breweries were the main source of income, back then.

In the 18th century, the economy underwent a major development. As the Huguenot refugees came to the land, the locals were introduced to crafts like cloth manufacturing, bleaching and dyeing. The Dutch settlers, on the other hand, founded iron smelting workshops for cookware.

In 1889, Wandsworth became a municipal district. Until then, the land was inside the country of Surrey. That wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the urbanisation during the Victorian Era. The current borough was formed in 1965, after the municipal district was merged with Battersea.

Flying Over Wandsworth Bridge

Railway Stations

For getting around the area, you can rely on Wandsworth Town and Wandsworth Common. These are the two closest transportation facilities in the town center. The former was founded in 1846 during the summer, while the latter is from the end of 1856. Both serve the London Underground and the National Railwa

With more than 4 million customers annually, Wandsworth Town is the busiest station. The trains are run by the South Western Railway company, which provides transport from Central to Southwestern London. Wandsworth Common has over 1,4 million users every year. The station is operated by the Southern line of the Govia Thameslink Railway company.

Wandsworth Town Station

Demographic Status

In the last six years, the borough’s population has increased from 307 to 323 thousand citizens. 62,000 from them live in the central town, which is also named Wandsworth. Local services are also booming, with household cleaning doing quite well in the borough for the sake of its inhabitants.

Although over 60 percent of the residents are English, the diversity among the minorities is huge. There are immigrants from the neighbouring British countries and from far away lands, such as Africa, South Asia, Australia and the Caribbean.

Most people are 34 years old, with the median age being below that number. The rate of people committed to marriage is below the average for England. With 40 percent, in comparison to the 30 percent who are married, the singles form a majority.

Religious Beliefs

More than half of the citizens have faith in Christianity. About a quarter distance themselves from any religious group, whether they are Atheists or don’t admit their beliefs. After the Christians, the Muslims are in second place, while the Hinduists come in third.

All Saints Church is the oldest religious building in Wandsworth. Although the institution dates back to the 17th century, the small bell tower is the only part from that period. Another landmark is St Anne’s church, which was built in the 1820s. The architecture has Greek Revival style that combines a brick main structure with a tall round bell tower.

The Fazal Mosque London is an Ahmadiyya Muslim community centre. The building stands out with its clean white walls, the green dome at the entrance and the garden surrounding the structure. Founded in October 1926, the Fazal is the first mosque ever built in London.

The Fazal Mosque

Entertainment Venue

Music lovers can go to a live concert at the Grand, Clapham. The venue is at building from the Victorian Era, which is constructed from red brick. Nowadays, the music hall has been converted into a late night club with modern equipment. The Grand venue organizes special events dedicated to genres, such a hip-hop, reggae, rock and more. The club is also known for hosting comedy shows and sing along movie nights.

If you are interested in history and culture, you shouldn’t overlook the Wandsworth Museum. The exhibitions include artefacts and artwork, which depict the social life and the development during the ages. The museum occupies the former library building, a stone structure from the Victorian Era.

The Grand Theatre, Clapham

Outdoor Public Spaces

Since it King George’s Park was founded in the 1920s. To this day, it is still the most visited open public space in Wandsworth. Locals like going there for a walk along the Wandle riverside. The park lets you admire the beauty of nature among the colorful flower gardens and the green plantation. Wildlife observation is another option, as swans, geese and ducks swim in the lake by the river.

The things that make King George’s Park perfect for a family picnic are the long grass fields and the play areas for kids. People who enjoy physical activities are free to use the sports facilities to play football or tennis.

The Wandsworth Park was once a woodland, that currently serves a public green area. Regular visitors take advantage of the routes to go for a jog or to walk their dogs. One of the best sites to view on your way, are the ships sailing along the river Thames. To play a game, just look around and you will find the park’s miniature golf course.

King George’s Park

Shopping Centre

The best place to go shopping in the central town is Southside Wandsworth. When the facility opened its doors in 1971, it was the largest American mall in Britain. The mall suffered a decline in the number of customers during the 1990s, but managed to recover after closing several venues.

The 70,000 square meters shopping center welcomes 8,5 million customers annually. The first floor is where you make a purchase. The spaces are occupied by a supermarket and various stores for furniture, clothing and household items. To have a meal, climb to the second floor. The dining area hosts many restaurants and fast food eateries, while the other features include two gyms and a multiplex cinema.

Local Restaurants

The food buffet at Ekachai serves various delicacies from the South Asian kitchen. The dinery has a lot of tables and works even late at night. The steamed rice, spicy noodles, hot soups, and deep fried dishes are at an affordable price.

Konnigans is a modern European restaurant, where you can experience different tastes from all over the continent. Give it a shot by ordering grilled or deli platters in the cozy atmosphere of vintage decorations and old wooden furniture.

If you value good food and beverages, stop by at The Ship and take a seat at the riverside terrace of the gastropub. Pick a drink from the fine beer and ale selection, and enjoy a meal cooked on the wood-burning stove or try the barbeque.

The Ship

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