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Short Introduction

As a place for living, London is defined by its urban structure, cultural heritage and strong economy. Among the many districts in the England Capital, Hounslow surely stands out. The borough lies in the Western half of Greater London, where the river Thames turns to the South. Read our article to learn how to get around Hounslow, what are its characteristics and which places you can visit.

Early History

In the early Middle Ages, the district was a rural settlement on the Bath Road. The original name given to the land was Hundeslow, which means the mound of the dog.

When the Holy Trinity Priory was founded in 1211, the village grew into a town with many markets and inns, that welcomed travellers from all over Britain. Even after the religious establishment dissolved, the area continued to serve as an important staging post. That is why several noblemen chose to build their private residences at that location.

Hounslow underwent a major development in the 1920s, when the Bath Road was transformed into the Great West Road. Many factories were founded back then, but were abandoned after the office structure was introduced in the 1970s.

Nowadays, most of the old company buildings are being used as modern households. Many inhabitants of Hounslow rely on Royal Cleaning to assist them in home maintenance.

Part of Audley House and the Priory of the Holy Trinity

Railway Lines

To travel with the London Underground, you can choose between Hounslow East and Hounslow West. The two stations, which lie on the Piccadilly line, were founded in the summer of 1884 by the District Railway. Originally, the tracks were constructed for steam trains, but got converted for electrical vehicles in 1905.

The route of Hounslow West runs from the borough’s central area all the way to Hatton Cross. The transportation facility has over 3,5 million users every year with trains passing every 7 minutes during working hours. Hounslow East was built as an extension to the West station, that leads to Osterley. As the busiest of the two facilities, it serves 4 million customers annually. Both stations are connected by the Hounslow Central.

Hounslow Railway Station

Population State

Around 253,957 people inhabit the borough and over half of them are English. Indian immigrants form the largest minority groups, while the others are from Europe, South Asia or Africa. Among the many English speakers, the two little known languages are Polish and Punjabi.

The district’s metropolitan center has the same name as the borough. The 66,292 inhabitants, the high concentration of markets, offices and residential buildings, make the town of Hounslow the most lively place in the district with the highest population density.

The marriage rate is on a better level compared to the other boroughs. More than forty percent of the people are married and another one tenth are in a relationship.

Religious Diversity

There is diversity among the citizens in regards to religion. Most believe in Christianity, with the followers of Islam being the second major group. The third and fourth place are taken by Hinduism and Sikhism respectively. The people who are non-believers or simply don’t state any religion are a bit more than the Muslims.

Holy Trinity is the most diverse church in Hounslow. The main feature is the huge tower at the front with two angel sculptures above the entrance. The church has hired multicultural staff in order to serve all members of the community, no matter what ethnicity they belong to.

Ss Michael and Martin Catholic Church is the most visited religious building in the district. The massive red brick architecture has a triangular roof and a tower on the left side of the entrance.

Holy Trinity Church

Arts Theater

The Arts Centre awaits all who want to enjoy a stage play and have a laugh. The theater is mostly known for its comedy shows and pantomime performances than for its dramatisations. Aside from those options, you can find other ways to entertain yourself. The venue hosts events such as music concerts, movie projections and private parties as well.

The Arts Centre offers a chance to the community to get on the stage. The regular actors have formed a youth theater to give acting lessons to kids. There are also adult classes for people who want to become professionals or just to have fun. Visitors can sit for a drink or a have a snack at the bar at the lobby, before or after the show.

Parks & Gardens

Hounslow Heath nature reserve combines woodland and grassland with rare flower sorts. You can take any of the many eco paths to explore the plantation and the sculptures along the way. At the grounds were found weapons from the bronze age and everyday tools from the iron age, which are currently on display at the British history museum.

During the English Civil War, the land was used as a military training ground, and at the start of the First World War, as facility for aircraft attacks and defences. When Hounslow Heath was declared a nature reserve, only 200 of the original 4000 acres had remained.

Locals like going to Inwood Park to walk their dogs or to have some pleasant time surrounded by nature. With its large green fields, the area is perfect for having a family picnic, not to mention the playground facilities for children. Playing football with friends or riding a bike is also an option there.

Hounslow Heath Nature Reserve

Shopping Venue

The Treaty Shopping Centre is the local mall. Several of its retail stores are located on the high street, while others are indoors. If you feel hungry, the dineries at the mall include a cafe and a fast food chain. The other shopping venue is Blenheim Shopping Centre, which offers various goods, distributed from the best brands. At the mall there’s also a gym, for those who like working out, and a play area for children.

High Street Quarter is the latest project for improving and expanding the town. Once finished, the 27 stock tower will provide working opportunities, public services and entertainment to the community. The building plan includes residential apartments, office facilities, shopping stores, restaurants and a multiplex cinema.

Diners to Try

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Taste of Pakistan Curry house

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