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Short Introduction

As the capital and the biggest city in Southeastern Britain, London is the heart of England. The capital is divided into several boroughs, each having its own local government. With its cultural background and historical landmarks, Enfield stands out among the others. We suggest that you finish the following article in order to learn more about the district. If you want to ask about housing matters and end of tenancies, rest assured that Royal Cleaning works in Enfield every day of the week.

Welcome to Enfield

Geographic Location

Enfield stands in the Northern part of Greater London, East from Chiltern Hills, between the Barnet and Waltham Forest boroughs. All in all, the land occupies 82,20 square kilometers, with most of the green spaces being in the Western half. The river Lea forms the Eastern border, while the Northern one lies on the London Orbital Motorway. The Great Cambridge Road is the main British Highway crossing the district vertically. The central town of the borough carries the same name. It can be found 37 kilometers South from the City of London.

Past and Early Ages

The history of Enfield shows it is named after an ancient beast from the English mythology. The creature has been adapted into the coat of arms and is used as a logo by local institutions and social clubs. Historical artifacts prove that the earliest settlements date back to the Roman Empire. The Romans were the first to build a street connecting the district to the City of London.

During the Anglo-Saxon Era, the area was inside Middlesex, where it served as a market for trade and crafts. With the expansion of London, the center got promoted to a suburban town. After the Normans took over, the land began quite a famous location for hunting. Many noblemen came to build their households in the district just to participate in the activity. During the Tudor Era, the area held the residence of the two future monarchs, King Edward VI and Queen Elisabeth I. It is there where they learned about their father’s demise.

The History of Enfield

Population of the Area

Enfield is populated by 332,700 citizens, among which 14,906 reside in the central town. With two thirds having been born in England, the majority is White British.

About one fifth of the borough’s residents represent the black ethnicities, with half coming from Africa and the rest from the Caribbean or other countries. Another one tent of the population is South Asian, which includes immigrants from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and China.

The marriage rate in Enfield is one of the highest in London. Although every third inhabitant is single, the majority isn’t. That means that every two out of five people are married. Regarding the median age, statistics show that it’s around 34, but most people are older.

Religious Buildings

When it comes to beliefs, more than half of the citizens are Christians. Since the presence of the Arabian community is strong, Islam is the second major religion and Turkish is the most spoken language after English. The other people believe either in Hinduism or in Judaism.

Palmers Green Mosque is an Islamic religious center that supports education and studies. The main hall has separate areas for women, with the other facilities being school sections, a library and a small room for seminars. People with different beliefs are also welcome to visit the Mosque.

Jubilee Church London is a Christian institution with a different approach to religion. The building hosts inspirational concerts and seminars about the meaning and power of faith. The church regularly organizes social activities for the community like cooking courses and language classes.

The Trinity Church in Enfield

Shopping Venue

Give the Palace Shopping Centre in Enfield a try. The outdoor large area is like a mall located in the central town. The venue is divided into two shopping centers, which are named Palace Exchange and Palace Gardens. The latter is the oldest one with the former being a modern extension. Each Palace offers different stores to the customers for purchasing clothing and footwear, household items and furniture, or ordering public services. There are also several restaurants and cafes to sit and relax, plus supermarkets to buy food supplies.

Theater and Cinema

The Dugdale Centre building has many functions, divided upon its three sections. The theater auditorium for example hosts music performances, stage plays and shows for children. The suite facility on the other hand serves for business meetings and conferences. Last but not least is the museum, which holds a collection of vintage household items and paintings.

The best cinema multiplex facilities are in the Eastern part of the borough. Whether you go to Cineworld Enfield or Odeon Luxe Lee Valley, you won’t regret it. Visitors are able to choose from a big film selection, that includes blockbusters, Hollywood masterpieces, foreign productions, vintage classics and even projections of theater plays.

The Dugdale Centre in Enfield

Outdoor Leisure

Lee Valley Regional Park Authority is a large public open space with a lake, surrounded by green fields and tall trees. People like to come and walk along the eco-paths, while watching small ships sailing in the waters. The plantation on the coasts gets slowly replaced by urban households, when exiting the area. Another good sight is the wildlife, represented by bird species such as ducks and swans.

The park invests in sports activities for all who are interested in sailing. There you get the opportunity to take canoeing lessons or to hire a motorboat for a ride. The most famous features are the cascades, where the water rages. The concrete structure is in the middle of an outdoor public restaurant for all the clients to admire.

Famous Singers

Adele, the most successful English female singer in the world, is from Enfield. An innovator in the soul and pop genre, she made a breakthrough with her second album, titled 21, which was ranked number one in Billboard Top 200 Albums of all Time. Just a year later, she won an Academy, a Grammy and a Golden Globe Awards for the song Skyfall.

Another famous singer from the district is the late Amy Winehouse. She is remembered for her deep vocals and the electric mix of genres like soul, jazz, plus rhythm and blues. Her greatest achievement was the album Back to Black, which made her the first British woman to win five Grammy Awards in one night, a record surpassed only by Adele.

Adele performing at Wembley Stadium

Local Restaurants

The chefs at Nando’s diner cook the best chicken. Whether you want it deep fried, grilled and covered with sauce, rolled in a pita or in a plate with fries, be sure it’s going to taste great.

The Art Town is a restaurant for those who enjoy live music. The best items on the menu are the seafood delicacies, the steaks and burgers, not to mention the vintage wine sorts.

Take a bite out of the South American kitchen at the Preto steakhouse and carvery. Fill your plate from the rodizio all you can eat buffet and wash it down with a refreshing cocktail.

The Art Town in Enfield

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