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We all know that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Knowledge is power, knowledge is a way to prove yourself to the world, knowledge is the key to success. No other institution in Britain sets a better example for the true meaning of these words than the University of Oxford. We made this page because we couldn’t simply overlook the glory of one of the most acknowledged educational facilities in the world. So here is where you’ll get to know more about The University of Oxford by this exclusive trivia, we’ve gathered for you.

Above the University of Oxford

Did You Know That?

The University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world and the third oldest surviving university in the world. It exists for nearly 1 000 years. Yes, that’s right – 10 centuries ago! While its exact founding date is unknown, there is evidence that teaching here took place as far back as 1096. This means that Oxford University is 200 years older than the Aztecs, 300 years older than Machu Picchu, and 150 years older than the Easter Island heads.

University of Oxford is Centuries older than Machu Picchu

  • Oxford was ranked first in the world in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings for three years in a row - 2017, 2018 and the present 2019.
  • The University is rated top in the REF power ranking and has won ten Queen's Anniversary Prizes for Higher Education, more than any other university from across the UK.
  • Currently, at the University of Oxford study nearly 24,000 students - 11,747 of whom are undergraduates and 11,687 are postgraduates.
  • Nearly 20,000 people apply for entry each year, competing for around 3,200 undergraduate places. That means that Oxford receives, on average, more than 6 applications for each available place. So if you want to get in, you’d better pound the books immediately and use every possible trick in them.
  • You can choose from more than 350 different graduate degree programmes offered by the University of Oxford.
  • 43% or over 10,000 students - that’s the figure of the international students that learn in the University of Oxford. There are students from all around the world, coming from more than 150 countries and territories. 63% of Oxford’s current graduate students come from outside the UK. In case you wonder, the first international student who set his foot in the University, was named Emo and has come from Friesland in… 1190.
  • Talking about internationality, there’s more to the story. 41% of Oxford’s academic staff are citizens of foreign countries – they’ve come from almost 100 different countries and territories.
  • If you’re into writing, you will be impressed by the fact, that Oxford University Press (OUP) is the largest university press in the world, with offices in 50 countries and published works in almost 100 different languages.

Students Graduating University of Oxford

Oxford and the English Language

All around the world, there are institutions that regulate the native language and decide which words should be used when and how. There’s Académie Française in France, and the Real Academia Española in Spain, for example. But in the UK such thing simply doesn’t exist… Although if anything came close, it’d be the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).

When the first edition was printed, it was the most thorough documentation of the English language that had existed. The process of its writing took almost 30 years. The Dictionary, however, became one of the main reasons why the name Oxford has earned its global fame.

No better time to mention the Oxford Comma, which had suffered a lot. The use of the comma may be a standard when it comes to the Oxford University Press but still, too much people can be called psychos because of the misuse.

Oxford Comma - Just Use It

Alice in the Oxford's Wonderland

It looks like Oxford seems to always have been a home to all sorts of genius rebels. One certain example comes to mind. After enjoying Alice in Wonderland, Queen Victoria contacted Lewis Carroll to say that she would love to receive more of his books. Lewis promptly sent her the book he just completed: A Syllabus of Plane Algebraical Geometry.

Talking about Alice. Every year on July 7th, the city of Oxford celebrates Alice’s Day with a variety of events such as a Mad Tea Party, The Caucus Race, and so much more. Nestled on St. Aldates sits the Alice’s Shop with the number 83 stamped on a red door, the very shop where Alice Liddell loved to buy her barley sugar sweets. Looking for the White Rabbit – go and find it right in front of the store.

Since we’ve always had a soft spot for romance we just can’t miss this following warming story: A real girl named Alice fell in love with Queen Victoria’s son Leopold, who was studying at the University of Oxford at the time. He asked Alice to marry him, but Queen Victoria refused because the poor girl wasn’t a princess. The lovers were separated and never saw each other again. But you cannot simply forget the one you fell in love for the very first time, so when Alice had a son, she called him Leopold and when Leopold had a daughter he named her Alice.

Alice in the Oxford's Wonderland

Only Geniuses Are Allowed Here

All Souls is one of Oxford’s most elusive and mysterious institutions. The college founded in the 1400s had stopped to accept undergraduates far back in the 19th century. The college accepts only up to two new members a year from its applicants and has a total of 76 members. The college invites applications from those who’ve already achieved the very best undergraduate degrees in the country and asks its applicants to sit an entrance exam once described as the hardest in the world. Unsuccessful candidates for entrance to All Souls include Hilaire Belloc, Alfred Denning and Harold Wilson.

Lawrence of Arabia (the iconic WW1 British commander not the actor) was one of the lucky applicants to gain a place at All Souls College, and of all the things he achieved in his life, on his gravestone is engraved one thing: Fellow of All Souls College.

The 16th Century cathedral and college complex at Christ Church are the alma mater to no fewer than 13 British Prime Ministers. Nowadays 350,000 people (a number which is steadily rising) visit this location each year because of the popularity of the Harry Potter books and films and the scenes filmed here. Actually, the magnificent Great Hall at Christ College is the direct inspiration behind the Great Hall of Hogwarts. If you’re really want to relive the Harry Potter experience in Oxford just sign up for a tour.

All Souls College

Prohibitions & the Blood on the Road

Once upon a time, Henry II banned all Englishmen from attending the University of Paris, because of his intensively complex intense relationship with France, which left them without an option other than Oxford. For almost two centuries the University thrived as the only one in the UK until protests forced scholars to leave and found The University of Cambridge in 1209. The reason behind this is actually a bloody one.

In 1209 a student of Oxford University killed a local woman and fled. In retaliation, the townspeople hanged not one but three students. The school suspended operations and the faculty because all feared the mob. Then many of the facilities moved to Cambridge and founded a new university there. But have you ever wonder why there are no other universities founded in England for six centuries after this event? Nowadays those may be freethinking institutions but back then Oxford and Cambridge used their political power to block the foundation of other universities. They believed that other universities would encourage more dissenting ideas, create more warfare between regions in the UK, and most of all – would take away the power and money from Oxford and Cambridge. So until 1832, no other facility for higher education existed in England.

The Dark Secrets of Oxford University

  • When it comes to booze - In 1355 the students of Oxford University erupted in rioting for days because some of them didn’t like the beer they were served and threw a pint of beer at a tavern owner. The rebellion caused the death of 63 students and 30 local citizens.
  • Rare species should stay away from Oxford - In 1755, The University burned a taxidermied Dodo bird, unaware that it was the last complete specimen in the world. The famous Oxford Dodo died after being shot in the back of the head.
  • Killing as a form of celebration - Every 100 years a Collage of Oxford University has a ceremonial hunt around their grounds for a legendary mallard which flew out of the foundations when it was being built in 1438.
  • No women allowed - Nowadays Oxford University may have roughly even numbers of male and female undergraduates, still, the first colleges of Oxford were built in the 13th century, but it wasn't until 1878 that women were admitted to the university. Then it took almost 50 years more until they were awarded degrees in 1920, and half a century after this memorable event for the last of the all-male colleges to open their doors to women in 1974.

The list, concerning inquisitive facts and figures about the University can go on, and on, and on but for a change let us focus on something else.

Attention, Cattle Crossing

Actually, the name Oxford comes from the old term Oxanforda, which literally meant a ford (shallow crossing) in the river where the cattle (oxen) could cross safely. Still, there are so many settlements called Oxford – one in New Zealand, and one in Canada, 21 Oxfords in the United States, besides a Mount Oxford, two Lake Oxfords and Oxford County. The city even lends its name to Oxford bags, Oxford Marmalade, Oxford grey, Oxford shoes, the previously mentioned Oxford Comma, the Oxford Group, the Oxford Movement and the Oxford accent.

Attention, Cattle Crossing

Notable Oxfordians and Oxonians

We all know that there’s a long list of famous and powerful figures, which get their degree from the University of Oxford. Widely known actors, politicians, and people who changed the world for better… or for worse – it’s up to you to decide – all walked the halls. Still, the figures are mesmerizing.

Oxford has an alumni network of over 250,000 individuals, including more than 120 Olympic medalists, 28 Nobel Prize winners, seven poets laureate, and over 30 modern world leaders (almost every Prime Minister of the UK has attended classes here – 26 of them to be precise - Sir Robert Peel, Clement Attlee, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, David Cameron you named they’ve all started here. The list goes on with notable names such as Rupert Murdoch, Bill Clinton, Harald V - King of Norway, Aung San Suu Kyi, Viktor Orbàn, HM King Abdullah II of Jordan, and Indira Gandhi).

Notable Oxford thinkers and scientists include Tim Berners-Lee, Sir Martin Ryle, Margaret Turner-Warwick, first woman President of the Royal College of Physicians, Andrew Wiles, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins. The actors Allan Bennett, Hugh Grant, Kate Beckinsale, and Emma Watson also went to Oxford

And even if we leave politics and science aside, Oxford can still fascinate you with world famous people, who graduated from the oldest University in the UK. Nowadays you can learn more about the Oxford students and their activities here.

Just a Few of the Notable Oxfordians

Hit the Books and Study Hard

Some strange but yet fun researches for which The University of Oxford takes the credit:

  • According to a genetic study the English is actually French and German, while the Welsh are the true Britans.
  • 19% are the chances of a human extinction event occurring by 2100 estimated during an Oxford University conference.
  • Psychologists from Oxford conclude that playing Tetris after traumatic events could reduce the flashbacks experienced in PTSD.
  • An experiment conducted by researchers at Oxford, shows that counting sheep is an inferior means of inducing sleep. Imagining a waterfall or a beach instead, results in expending a lot more mental energy, which will certainly make you fall asleep faster than the enormously counting.
  • Never ever take the Oxford Capacity Analysis (OCA) test, unless you want to look like Tom Cruise during The Oprah Winfrey Show. This “personality test” has nothing to with the University. Actually, this is a Scientologist test, containing two hundred Questions, administered for free by the Church of Scientology and is used worldwide to attract new members.

Hit the Books and Study Hard

Accommodation for Students

If your bright future has led you to The University of Oxford’s doorstep, you should certainly visit their webpage, dedicated to Oxford Student Housing and find yourself a good residence. Another highly used option is to simply visit STUDENTPAD the number one platform for student accommodation. Or log in your Facebook profile and spend some time at this Public Group on the Social Media.

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