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Step Into Westminster

Southeastern England is the most fascinating part of the country with the main attraction being the capital London. Among its many boroughs you will surely notice Westminster. The district lies on the North bank of the river Thames in the Western half of Greater London. To learn what makes the borough stand out, go through our detailed summary. The basic data will help you get around much easier, especially if you want to live here. Regarding the latter matter, we’d like to mention that for a neat and tidy home in the district, most of the locals turn to Royal Cleaning.

Step Into Westminster

Historical Facts

The earliest data regarding Westminster is from the 11th century. King Edward the Confessor had a palace in the district, which served as a local government institution. Even after William the Conqueror took over England, the building kept its functions through the years, until the structure was demolished by the orders of King Henry VIII.

The area remained a rural land until a major construction of households began in the 16th century. The neighboring villages were absorbed for the sake of a new urban structure. During that time the area was transformed into the Greater London that we know today. The new local institution, was the City and Liberty of Westminster, which existed until the metropolitan borough was formed in the 1900s.

Population Statistics

The area is populated by 244,800 people, with every two out of five being British. The Asian community forms one seventh from the population, which is twice as much compared to the Black citizens. The former group includes immigrants from India, Pakistan, China and Bangladesh, while the latter one has representatives from Africa and the Caribbean. The second and third most spoken languages after English are Arabic and French respectively.

When it comes to marriage, the rates in Westminster are low. Statistics show that two out of five people are single and every tenth individual is divorced. Less than one third of the citizens are married, while a bit over one tenth have a relationship.

The People of Westminster

Borough Council

The Westminster City Council is the local authority figure. Founded by the London Government Act in 1963, the institution has been in charge of the districts Marylebone, Westminster and Paddington ever since.

The council takes care on its own regarding matters like social services, education and billing, but shares the responsibility with the Greater London Authority, when it comes to housing and environmental issues.

The institution divides the district into 20 wards, with each choosing three representatives. Currently, two thirds of the seats are represented by the conservative party, and the other council members are Labourists.

Religious Buildings

Most citizens believe in Christianity, with the second religious group being the Muslims. Still, by taking quantity into account, people who didn’t state any religion stand in between the other two.

The Westminster Abbey is a Church of England building. It is famous for hosting the coronation of every British monarch since 1066 as well as several royal weddings. The original building dates back to the 960s, but underwent several reconstructions. The current outlook, which resembles Gothic architecture, is from the Late Middle Ages and the two large bell towers were added in the 18th century.

London Central Mosques has been following the traditions of the Islamic culture since 1977. The building’s grounds were donated to the Muslim community by King George IV himself. The interior is decorated with broken shapes, while the most notable features on the outside are the large golden dome and the minaret tower.

The Westminster Abbey

Local Theaters

The Victoria Palace Theatre is the largest entertainment venue for musicals, comedy shows and stage plays. Since opening its doors to the public in 1911, the facility has held many repertories, revues and varieties. After the restoration from last year, the three level building increased its capacity to 1550 seats, but lost its most impressive feature - the sliding roof.

The Other Palace is the latest theater in the borough. Visitors enjoy the cozy atmosphere and the seating close to the stage. The venue was founded in 2012 on the site of the former Westminster Theater. The building has a main hall and a small studio, with a restaurant at the lobby. The theater is famous for producing original musicals.

Famous Landmarks

The Buckingham Palace has been inhabited by the English monarchy since the Victorian Era. The building is often the gathering point for special occasions, where the royal family addresses the community. The palace is open to the public during the summer with the gallery being accessible throughout the year.

To reach the Palace of Westminster, just follow the river Thames to the North. The building is a ground for political meetings between the two houses of the English Parliament. At the site stands Big Ben, the largest neo-gothic clock tower in the world.

Westminster Panorama

Museum and Gallery

The finest paintings in England are on display at the Tate Britain art gallery. The building’s architecture combines portico and dome structures. Founded in 1897, the venue has sections dedicated to various artists and time periods, with the oldest paintings being from the Tudor Era. The central part exhibits sculptures, while the Clore Gallery extension contains the artwork of JMW Turner. Annually, the facility welcomes over 1,7 million visitors.

The Churchill War Room museum was opened in 1984. The main exhibition is the former underground command center of the British government during the Second World War. It’s filled with wax figures of agents using vintage equipment for investigation and transfer of information. The other facilities are dedicated to Winston Churchill. These include offices and private chambers of the politician, his associates and his spouse with the original furniture.

Parks and Nature

St. James Park is 57 acre open public space, founded in the 1600s. The middle of the green area is occupied by a lake, surrounded by tall trees, with two small islands in the waters. A duck cottage and several fountains can be sported around the lake. The park’s main feature is the pelican colony, with the other bird species being waterfowls and swans.

Unlike other public nature spaces, Green Park lacks any flower gardens or lakes. Yet, the area is the ground of the royal residence and administration - the Buckingham Palace. The land used to be a swamp, until king Charles II made it into a park in the 1660s. Among the large green fields stand monuments, war memorials and other sculptures.

St. James Park

Dining Venues

The two dishes the Italian kitchen is most famous for are pizza and pasta. You can have either once you enter the Coliseum. The restaurant gives you the chance to try different variations of the dishes, as well as classic desserts.

If you like Indian food, you should check out at the Cinnamon Club, a modern venue that occupies a former library building. Both the vegetarian and the meat plates use a special combination of spices for a rich taste.

The chefs at Ma la Sichuan are the experts when it comes to South Asian kitchen. The items on the menu, to consume via chopsticks or standard utensils, include spicy noodles, hot soups, fried chicken, steamed rice and vegetables.

Westminster in a Sphere

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