Need an Adrenaline or a Mood Boost – Forget Skydiving and Start Cleaning

Boost your Mood while Cleaning

Cleaning gives us just as much adrenaline as Driving a Race Car

And this is not some sort of misleading job offer but a real, scientific fact and as long as the ones with PhD’s say so, who are we to claim otherwise?! So it’s time to roll up your sleeves, dig up all of your cleaning supplies and turn into a productive adrenaline junkie.

Honestly, we’ve never thought about cleaning in this particular way either but when the facts speak the gods (or in this case the slackers) are silent.

Let’s talk science for a moment here.

The , conducted by the Mr. Clean franchise in partnership with Ipsos Public Affairsin indeed has proven some pretty surprising things about the simple act of cleaning.

The study lays on some automatic bodily responses that simply can't be controlled by measuring the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and Heart Rate (HR) of the participants, while they were involved in a variety of cleaning tasks.

The study found that changes in GSR and HR were driven by factors such as emotional enthusiasm and excitement. This body reaction revealed that cleaning actually results in a significant adrenaline rush — the same kind as if you’re jumping off the top of the mountain, running a race, swimming with sharks, watching your favourite team or having just finished a really tough workout.

Cleaning can Truly make you Smile

So forget about the extreme selfies and shoot yourself with a broom instead.

There’s more altogether with the instant adrenaline-pumping effect - the mediocre act of cleaning was proven to have some other positive influence on our welfare as well.

The impressive 100% of participants claimed that cleaning has given them a sense of control over the surrounding environment, which resulted in a much more pleasant and less stressful atmosphere, which put them in the really hard to get state of mental and emotional balance and calm, free of worries, fears or stress - a state more well-known as peace of mind.

We’ve already written about the act of Cleaning as a meditation - so inner peace, here we come with a mop in hand, ready to feel the gentle sense of freedom and happiness, inherent for the quiet mind, without ever attending a yoga class or humming “Ommm” altogether with unvaried mantras.

Cleaning as Meditation

Restore your well-being through the power of cleaning

Having a bad day or feeling like a complete loser? Start cleaning to get that sense of accomplishment you’ve lost along the way and feel determined, inspired and proud of yourself. All you have to do is to grab a duster and eventually sing along I want to break free in order to feel like a real queen or a mighty king in control of the peace and the cleanliness.

Have you found yourself without a plan for the weekend, feeling ready for some heart-racing fun? Then pick up a mop and brush those floors of yours. Not only your home, your roommate and any significant other will thank you, but your mood, body and mind will be thrilled as well, not to mention that by staying in you’ll save yourself some cash as well. It’s not necessary to put yourself at risk by getting your balls to the wall, while it’s more than enough to simply vacuum the carpet instead in order to get the exact same amount of adrenaline.

Feeling down and you're eager to try anything in order to somehow improve your mood? Look no further than your storeroom, where all you need is hidden somewhere, awaiting to transform you and your home in a much better version than a mere moment ago.

Remember the study? Well, then you should know that all of the participants claimed that after they were done with their cleaning tasks, they were feeling less jittery, nervous and hostile.

So beat the anxiety and depression without Xanax and solve these problems with a bar of soap instead. You no longer need a shrink, a mop will do the work just fine.

Need some extra data? Let us tell you something more about Ipsos. Behind the name stays an independent market research company, controlled and managed by one of the best professionals in the field. Ipsos was found in France in 1975, and has grown ever since into a worldwide research group with a strong presence in all key markets, ranking fourth in the global research industry.

Ipsos operates all around the globe with offices in 89 countries by delivering insightful expertise across five research specializations - brand, advertising and media; customer loyalty; marketing; public affairs research; and survey management - generating global revenues of €1,749.5 million in 2018 alone.

Colour us impressed. We hope that this brief presentation has just convinced you in the power of cleaning and in the veracity of the conducted research.

Long story short – who needs access to a Formula 1 car, when it’s enough to simply grab your vacuum and race all over your living room to get the same effect?

The summary of the study in a sentence alone would be: the body responds to the act of cleaning the same way it reacts to skydiving, with an identical rush of adrenaline and improved mood.

The cleaner the home, the healthier the residents

There are numerous studies that have found the link between cleanliness and maintaining a good spirit. Here are some facts:

  • People who keep their homes tidy are proven to be healthier and much more active than the ones who don’t.

  • Actually, cleaning is a great way to stay in shape and tends to be the introverts’ perfect activity.

  • Living in a clutter home means unhealthy levels of cortisol, which leads to a stressful environment, anxiety and even depression.

  • A survey by the National Sleep Foundation found that people who make their beds every morning are 19% more likely to regularly get a good night’s sleep.

  • An Indiana University study found that the interior condition of your home affects and has much more to do with higher physical activity levels than the sidewalks, lighting and other elements.

  • As a serious physical activity, cleaning tends to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • Seniors who own a home may not spare 30 minutes for a walk but they’re ready to dedicate this time to clean their place instead (dusting, cleaning, doing laundry – it all counts, so if you want to stay in good health, you’d better grab that vacuum cleaner instead watching Netflix and chill).

  • Clean Home means Happy Resident

  • The more you clean, the more energetic and vigorous you’re going to feel. Yes, this is another proven fact as well.

  • According to psychologists, cleaning is among the best ways to manage everyday stress. So doing the dishes can indeed wash off at least some of your anxiety.

  • According to a survey, released by OfferUp, 70% of Americans say tidying their home offers them a feeling of accomplishment, 61% say it makes them feel distressed and 54% say they experience relaxation while tidying up.

  • Rearranging your home gives you a sense of control over the surrounding environment and is the first step to take action against anxiety and depression, according to the Mindfulness journal.

  • As a psychologist, Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D., explains that on a subconscious level, clutter is likely to be linked with negative emotions such as confusion, tension, irritability and worry, our mind perceives it as some kind of unfinished business, whereas a clean space is more likely to be linked with positive emotions like happiness, calm and a sense of wellbeing.

  • Spending some time on cleaning and decluttering your home— even for only 10 minutes per day — can help minimize anxiety.

  • Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, a nationally recognized child, adolescent and family psychologist practising in New York City, said in an interview (about minimizing the effects of the stress factors in our lives) that cleaning anything, whether it’s wiping smudges off your fridge or removing greasy build-up from your car’s wheels, can boost your mood and give you a sense of pride for a job well done. Those simple activities provide a positive mental boost which leads to an increased desire to continue cleaning and ultimately result in a truly satisfying experience, that leaves the cleaner feeling accomplished and ready to face any challenges the day may bring.

  • Cleaning is Pure Happiness

Rage cleaning or how to wipe off the frustration

Yes, rage cleaning is a thing and if you’re not out of your mind, you’d better not come any near a madwoman with a mop, in case you care for your life and general well-being, of course.

Those type of extraordinary creatures can be found on weekends and/or just before houseguests arrive.

Approachable rage-cleaning mothers are not common though (and it’s best for all to leave it this way). Remember that most of them are aggressive, unpredictable and tend to kill with just one frustrated look. They don’t call it rage cleaning for nothing, so in case you need them, it’s essential to retreat to a safe distance and carefully observe from there before speaking, it’s best the conversation to start with an apology for causing them trouble in the past and if you want attention, simply begin doing a chore (or at least pretend to do one in the best possible way), be extra polite and avoid eye contact at all costs and lastly, assure that there’s a free way to immediately back away!

Rage Cleaning

NB! – Never underestimate the Healing power of rage cleaning. In the long run, it means not only a spotless home but a certain way to avoid a killing spree as well.

Well, with all these positive effects, which cleaning may have on your home and yourself equally, you still have to put some extra efforts from time to time and that’s why we still have a terrific job to keep us happy and healthy, while transforming your place in a bright spotless home in a blink of an eye. We can guarantee perfect results and are proud to be praised so highly by our customers in the capital of the UK.

Get your quote today and prepare to be amazed by the end result.

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