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If you are in Eastern England, you might like to visit the borough of Havering. It is located inside the outer border of Greater London, over the river Thames. Although most of the 112 square kilometers land is a suburban area, there are many open spaces from the Metropolitan Green Belt. In this article we are going to cover some interesting facts about Havering, as well as several landmarks it is famous for. For household matters, get in touch with the representatives of Royal Cleaning in Havering.

Langtons House in the London Borough of Havering

Historical Data

The district dates back to the 11th century, when it was called Haueringas. Like any other settlement from the Middle Ages, it was named after the patriarch of the family, who led the local folks. Since it served as a residence of the monarchy, the area was transformed into the Royal Liberty of Havering in 1465. According to the charter of King Edward IV, that was a tax free zone in Essex, that gave more freedom and rights to its population.

The Royal Manor existed until 1828, when the Crown decided to sell the land. After the Liberty was ended, there were many demands and petitions about Havering becoming an independent borough of its own. That was finally achieved with the reformation of the London inner borders in 1965.

Some Historical Data about Havering

Traffic Routes

One of the two British main traffic ways that go through the land is the Eastern Ave E, which splits into Colchester and Southend Arterial Road, and the second one is the London Orbital Motorway, which forms the East border of the borough.

Most inner routes lead towards Romford, the main town of Havering. The residential center is surrounded by the Thurloe and Mercury Gardens from the South to the East, as well as by St Edwards Way and Waterloo Road from the North to the West.

Demographic State

237,232 people live in Havering. This may seem like a big number, but the density of the population is lower in comparison to the other London boroughs. The influence of immigrants is also below the average. Almost 90 percent are White British, with the 7100 Black Africans being the biggest minority. Family life is a local standard, as half of the inhabitants are married and another 10 percent live with their partner. Most citizens you will meet are in their 40s.

Religious Buildings

When it comes to faith, two thirds are Christians, while less than a quarter are non-believers. St Andrew’s Church is one of the main religious buildings in Havering. Its main feature is the bell tower with a clock in the middle and a tall bronze triangular structure on the top. In the graveyard behind the church you will find funeral monuments of the prominent local families and war memorials dedicated to the fallen soldiers.

St Mary Mother of God Roman Catholic Church is easy to recognise. The red brick structure has a big white statue above the front entrance. Another modern day religious building is St Peter’s evangelistic Church of England. It is known for the flower garden by the entrance.

St. Michael and All Angels church in Gidea Park, built in the early 1930s

Railway Station

Harold Wood, Romford and Gidea Park are the three railway stations lying on the Great Eastern Main Line. They provide connection between Liverpool and the Eastern England. The route was expanded in 2009 thanks to the Elizabeth line. Among the three, only Romford has access to the lines of the London Underground. The railway station serves over 8,5 million people every year, with each of the other two being used by over 2,5 million customers annually.

Shopping Centers

Liberty Shopping Center has a space of 730,000 square meters that holds about 100 shops. Founded in 1968, in later years it became a closed space. Annually it welcomes 23 million customers. The center has an underpass leading to the Mercury Mall. The latter is a glass dome structure, that offers a variety of stores on the first and the second floor, with facilities for entertainment on the third one. The Brewery is the newest shopping center for retail and leisure in the district. It has as much parking spaces as its two competitors combined and is the second biggest after the Liberty.

Outdoor Public Spaces

Raphael Park is the perfect place for leisure among the beauty of nature. The area offers pitches for playing sports like tennis, cricket and football. People can also go for a walk along the path between the green fields and the lake, with the latter being suitable for fishing.

Hylands park is another nice open public space. Among its facilities you will find a basketball court, a five a side football pitch and an outdoor gym. Locals like taking their dog for a walk, riding a bike or going for a jog there.

Parks in Havering

Sports Clubs

Havering has two football clubs, but neither of them plays in the league. The older one, Romford FC, was originally established in 1876 but underwent a second and a third incarnation in 1929 and 1992 respectively. The team has changed its training ground over 16 times over the years. The other football club, AFC Hornchurch, was founded in 2005. Last year they were promoted to the Premier Division after winning the North Division.

The second most beloved sport in Havering is hockey. Although the London Raiders are no longer playing on the local ice rink, they are still representing Romford as they compete in the third tear of the British League.

Cinemas and Theaters

There are a lot of places where you can have fun in Havering. Vue Cinema Romford is a multiplex venue for movies, but if you’re looking for tickets at a cheaper price, then give Premiere Cinemas a try. The former is a state of the art facility with many interactive feature, while the latter is more suitable for children.

People who like stage performances can check out the Brookside Theater. The facility was once the war memorial club of Romford until it was abandoned. In 2012, the community funded its renovation and conversion into a modern venue. Since then, the place has hosted a lot of stage plays, musicals, comedy shows and live music concerts.

Brookside Theatre in Havering

Restaurants to Dine at

The Kervan Kitchen is a turkish restaurant that offers unique dishes. The oriental atmosphere will take you to the culture of the Middle East. Clients can enjoy live music from various genres and a visit by celebrity guests for special occasions.

Fast food lovers should know the Smokin Griddles. Their juicy grilled meat burgers, hot fries and cold shakes are the best. You can also make a delivery order from your home. If you prefer going to a bar, then have a drink at the Ship Inn. The 16th century pub has a traditional interior and a nice selection of old ale.

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