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If you need professional after builders cleaning services, our company guarantees that the quality and pricing of our services in Bromley for this particular service are the best you could find. Our cleaning company has a long history of performing high end jobs for both domestic and commercial customers. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is unlike any other and our staff will go above and beyond to make your home look as clean as it could. If your house went through a renovation we'll make sure that you get it back in a mint condition like no construction workers have ever been there. Call us at 020 8050 2865 and one of our polite and knowledgeable call operators will help guide you through what you can expect from the session. We offer the lowest prices in Bromley and this is another guarantee you can rely on.

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Get the best priced after builders cleaning company in London by calling us at 020 8050 2865 and see why our cleaners are the ones that hundreds of people from London have trusted throughout our 10 years of experience in this industry:

The best part of this service that we provide is the value of it. We offer really high quality at the lowest rates in London and the name of our company is not Royal Cleaning without a reason. We stand behind the weight of the name Royal and offer really tremendous value to every single client!


After builders cleaning Bromley

For about 500 quid the 7 bedroom house I have just outside of Bromley to the South was literally transformed. It took 4 cleaners and about 8 hours to make it shine again, but it was worth it as considering the state in which the contractors left the property it would have been unusable. At the end of the day both the construction workers that renovated the house and the cleaners did wonderful and I am now so glad with my new house.

Ashley G. White - Bromley
After builders cleaners Bromley

The website of the company was a great signal which made me think that the company will be able to assist and I called them on the number on the top. A really nice young man called Jim answered me and shortly after I was quoted with a really liw price that I took advantage of right away. Considering all was successful with the after builders cleaning, I can assume that this will be my cleaning company in Bromley from now on.

Barbara J. Christopher - Bromley

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