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Royal Cleaning - Helping you with household and commercial cleaning since 2013

Royal Cleaning is a residential and commercial property cleaning company based in London covering all of London along with the Greater London areas with local teams available in East London, North London, South London, as well as West London, Oxford, Reading and Croydon. Our company vision can be easily summarised in a short sentence: Making our clients' lifes easier by providing hassle free cleaning services of excellent quality.. We stand by it and always strive to improve and provide better value to our clients.

Our History

History is a pretty strong word considering we've been in business for just 7 years, but those 7 years have helped us grow beyond our initial expectations quicker then we ever imagined. We still hold on to our core values and will continue to do so as we grow. We started as a small team of two like-minded individuals with skills that complimented each other's and have grown to a company currently employing over 30 people. Our short journey so far has taught us a lot of valuable lessons and we constantly learn and improve to better serve our customers.

Our Vision and Mission

With the happiness and satisfaction of our clients at the heart of everything we do, we tend to delight our clients and impress them at every step of the cleaning process - from the initial contact to the moment our technicians leave a spotless place behind them. Our goal has always been to provide the most impressive cleaning experience for our customers while keeping the final cost affordable. With our tailor made cleaning quotes, we try to fit into every client's budget without compromising on the high quality of our services. Transparency is also one of our core values. We tend to be as transparent with our clients as we are with our associates, which is why the management is always within reach. In case you want to get in touch directly with the management and our office staff has been unhelpful, you can always send an email to the management here and you can expect a reply promptly. Our management constantly monitors our social profiles on Twitter and Facebook, so that's another way you can reach someone up the ladder. We take a lot of pride in our professional, well trained and equipped cleaners, and in our helpful and friendly customer service department available 7 days a week. We continue to invest in our staff and equipment, marketing and customer care departments to ensure that even as we grow, the exceptional service our clients receive remains unchanged.

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